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Your Point of Entry into a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry

STORH™ is an asset portfolio that seeks and explores opportunities in the resource industry, and enhances investor access to these opportunities by serving as an equity vehicle into the energy, mineral, and asset ecosystems. STORH™ aims to provide liquidity to a high-value, but highly illiquid industry, and to bring off-market opportunities generally not accessible to non-private equity investors to the average investor.

STORH™ will be at the forefront of the new era capitalizing on sustainable and renewable energy and mineral resource projects while implementing breakthrough technologies for the benefit of its stakeholders and humanity.

The revenue and growth divisions of STORH™ include a broad range of natural resources, legacy energy resources, patented environmental remediation technologies, and sustainable technology & services.


Aimed at Maximizing Both Near & Long Term Returns

STORH™ is an equity backed token underpinned by Energy and Mineral resources, their relative supply chain and sustainable technologies. These assets, fractionally owned by token holders, generate revenues which can be distributed back to it’s holders as well as contribute to the growth of the token’s value.

STORH™ presents the opportunity to capitalize on the exponentially growing demand for energy by undertaking its own resource exploitation endeavors and creating other opportunities along the production chain.

Phase 1

Legacy Energy Assets

Resource opportunities in fossil fuels, natural gas, and the supporting supply chain.


Resource opportunities in fossil fuels, natural gas, and the supporting supply chain.

  • Legacy Energy Resource Opportunities

    STORH’s initial focus on fossil fuels will transition into a longer-term shift toward midstream and its supporting supply chain as well as Polystream plastic-to-fuel processing and its vertical supply chain integration.

    Enhancing value
    STORH evaluates opportunities and strategic plays through critical lenses, determining the feasibility of:

    - Entrance in early stages, when largest reserves are typically found
    - Leasing new plays quickly, before incoming competition drives up costs
    - Diversification, by developing new play orientations to new areas rather than to single prospects

  • Foundation project: finding near-term upside in legacy strategic play

    A Texas oil-producing field of approximately 5,600 acres is handled by an existing strong management team with whom STORH has a successful history of collaboration spanning more than seven years. Estimated at over 4.22MM barrels of oil, the resource offers scope to increase the already steady daily production of approx. 750 daily barrels. With a long productivity life of 25+ years and an existing reserve study showing capacity for growth, the project offers significant potential with accelerated development.

    Asset Risk: Low, with demonstrated productivity

    Size: 5,600 acres, with estimated 4.5MM barrels 3P

    Daily production:
    - Current: ~750 barrels from 33 productive intervals
    - Potential projected increase to 1,000 barrels

    - Consistent development and field enhancement
    - Estimated productivity life of 25+ years

    - Currently: 22%+ Year 1 , IRR > 14%
    - Potential, with accelerated development: >30%

    Upside potential: $100 million 3P Undiscounted Present Value


    Raccoon Bend is a Texas oil-producing field active since the 1920s with decades of anticipated future productivity. The field is enhanced with new field monitoring and lifting technology as well as modern reprocessed three-dimensional seismic data for additional visibility into its potential and for risk mitigation. Its operating team has been managing this field for 12 years with continued success in increasing production.

    Development: Restore production to 50+ shut in wells with reserve potential. Drill 3-5 new wells per year to exploit untapped reserves.

    Expanding Resource: In 2003, the field had 1.7M barrels of reserves; since then, the field has produced over 3.8M barrels and now has over 4M barrels of 3P reserves with additional reserves consistently uncovered.

    Location: Austin & Waller Counties Texas, USA

Phase 2

Initial Plastic-to-Liquid Plant

Expanded development of the midstream operation including the plastic-to-liquid processing facility


Congruous with Phase 1, Phase 2 of this project focuses on the buildout and operational initiation of the first Polystream plastic-to-liquid plant.

  • Enhancing value

    Enhancing value
    STORH uses proven Plastic-to-Liquid to:
    - Leverage relationships on sourcing bulk material to intervene landfilling
    - Efficiently process various grades of oil and upgrade product to meet market specs
    - Utilize midstream infrastructure to maximize the value chain
    - Develop a modular design that will be globally scalable

  • Core project: Revolutionizing the value chain with PolyStream plastic-to-liquid process

    Worldwide, single-use plastic is piling up. As a global society, we’re increasingly reliant on these disposable items while at the same time confronting a shocking shortage of options for disposal. Less than 10% of plastic produced today is recyclable. And that was before China shut down plastic recycling and garbage importation in 2017.

    Countries worldwide are affected yet avoid addressing the issue. STORH is stepping into this void with its PolyStream plastic-to-liquid initiative, a collaboration with BlackRock Midstream. Early in 2020, construction on its first PolyStream waste plastic pyrolysis processing plant will break ground in the central US. An integrated supply chain approach to marketing the pyrolysis oil gives the PolyStream project significant advantages as well as creates the potential for enormous upside.

    Asset Risk: Moderate
    Size: Domestic plants, followed by expansionto UK, EU, Central and South America

    Estimated daily production:40,000 to 100,000 pounds of processed plastic waste per day, per site

    - Significant estimated returns, enhanced by a minimum of 30% utilizing proprietary process
    - Estimated return on investment < 3 years
    - Replication in 100 sites worldwide

    The PolyStream project is at the heart of STORH’s vision to do good while pursuing projects that also offer healthy returns for investors. PolyStream addresses the plastics crisis and its environmental effects while offering an upgraded product in demand by the market. Moreover, the project creates opportunities to work with communities through the US, Central, and South America whose residents will benefit from jobs created by PolyStream plants.

  • Revolutionizing the Value Chain

    The PolyStream value chain starts with environmental clean-up and intervention partnerships, because even though ocean cleanups are helping, most plastic currently ends up in landfills. To transform our plastics trajectory, something valuable must be made of the waste.

    Our approach begins with recognizing plastic’s value. Recovered or diverted plastic can be cleaned, sorted, and processed. The plastic is then pyrolyzed and converted to one of several oils, including synthetic crude, No. 2 fuel oil, diesel, kerosene, gasoline, or Naptha, depending on the markets we serve. In some cases, our existing field production or other upstream oils can be blended with the synthetic oil to create a refinery spec barrel. The fuels can also be blended in other specifications. Some of these processes will be handled on-site and some will be handled by our markets.

    Our on-site blending facility will be able to handle and process third-party oils and condensates in addition to processing tank bottoms and out-of-spec barrels of crude. This capability significantly enhances our ability to increase margins as well as extend services in the future as demand dictates.

    Building a Value Chain in the Plastics Crisis: Vertical Supply Chain Integration
    STORH is uniquely positioned to go beyond plastic-to-fuel to execute on a full supply chain deployment of the conversion of waste plastic to a usable and upgraded in-demand product.

    Blend Economics
    Blending oil to the right specifications requires precision and science. Many different grades of oil are discounted because blending them to the right specification can be time intensive. Consider that plant and lease condensates are the most abundant and most heavily discounted. This is because plant condensate is a byproduct of natural gas that goes through a process of stabilization to make it safe for transport. It is stripped of other materials present in gas such as ethanes, butanes etc. These are considered high gravity or very light oils with very low or no sulfur and can be purchased for discounts in the range of $10-$20 dollars off spot oil prices.

    Another discounted product is sour or high sulfur/low gravity oil. This oil is considered “heavy oil”
    and complements the light oil well when blended. Depending on sulfur content, heavy oil is typically discounted $5-10 off spot prices. When blended, the ensuring product meets refinery specs and—just as important to the Midstream purchaser—offers large margins. In essence, the upside lies in taking two discounted barrels and upgrading them so that they are now sold at a premium.

    Socio-environmental aspects:
    - Ocean and land cleanup and remediation
    - Clean energy utilization and byproduct recycling technology
    - STORH backing of regional social projects
    - Application of processes to additional sites

    Upside potential: This asset has the potential to generate $2 billion in net revenue to the Company with the areas that can be evaluated at present. There is scope to expand further.

Phase 3

Sustainable & Renewable Energy

Project development matures into the engineering and deployment of plastic-to-liquid sites in strategic international locations


Phase 3 serves as the bridge to an international deployment strategy. Through strategic partnerships and its own plants, STORH, through its subsidiary PolyStream Technology, will focus on economically deploying modular technology with a clear execution strategy led by capable and proven management teams.

  • Investment Overview

    STORH invites investors to apply for up to $18,000,000.

    Offering Objective
    The purpose of this offering is to raise sufficient funds to enable the company to acquire the assets outlined in this whitepaper. Those Assets Include:
    - Payment of the Note covering Raccoon Bend.
    - Midstream facility, processing and centrifuge
    - Feasibility study and Plastic-to-Fuel site work and plant build out.

  • Liquidity

    Prioritizing liquidity

    To execute on the projects that we consider to have tremendous potential, we need to put invested dollars to work. Yet we understand that a sound investment yields returns and provides liquidity. As management and as co-investors invested with you on this journey to develop and build high-quality resource assets, our goal is to create liquidity that benefits us all.

    What is liquidity?

    Liquidity refers to cash or the investments’ ability to generate the return into cash—and deliver that value back to you, the investor. There are many ways to do this, and below are some examples of how we intend to deliver liquidity.

    Initial Public Offering (IPO). One option always available to us is to list the US company shares on a suitable exchange, either in the US, Canada, the UK, or Australia. Because we have written a KYC flag into the smart contract, we know who all our shareholders are and have verified that they comply with KYC/AML. This step gives us the ability to migrate all digital shareholders over to a traditional equity holding in the Company and be a part of an Initial Public Offering.

    Revenue Distribution. Most—if not all—of the assets we will acquire or develop will have a cash flow component to them at some stage in their life. If we so elect, a portion of that cash flow can be distributed back to investors as dividends or distributions.

    DLT-based Partnerships. As a technology, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is fairly new, yet there have been significant innovations in the area of asset tokenization. We are exploring many options related to tokenizing the Reserves for the resources we own. When we do this, it opens us up to partner with companies who may be able to provide a “stable-coin” concept such that individuals can presell their portion of reserves in the ground at their individual election.

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The Opportunity to Learn & Invest

Download the whitepaper to learn more about how STORH™ plans to capitalize on the vast array of opportunities in the resource industry, while serving as your catalyst to long term gains via tokenization of this ecosystem.

If you’re ready to diversify your portfolio by investing in the growing potential this resource sector has to offer, you can purchase STORH™ tokens from our exclusive marketing partner below.

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A Collective 100+ Years of Industry Experience

A letter from the founder

Dear Investor,

What if we reimagined what it means to own, steward, and benefit from global energy and mineral assets?

That’s the vision behind STORH. Our mission is to explore, create, and execute on energy and mineral resource projects that involve proven sustainable technology—to drive growth and returns for our investors. We connect them with opportunities in emerging energy and resource market subsectors that would not be otherwise available.

Yet, there’s another layer, too. STORH was also created to address the realities of today’s most pressing global environmental and energy consumption challenges through projects that reclaim precious resources, remediate damage, and build new value in the supply chain. After all, doing good is easier when it’s also financially rewarding.

Behind our vision for progress and profit in a more sustainable future lies the deep international industry expertise of our board and leadership. Our combined 250 years of experience give us the critical lenses to identify viable opportunities in today’s energy and technology sectors based on a balance of engineering risk, price risk, and project life considerations. These projects are investment opportunities that will produce near-term dividends and high capital growth for equity holders—they are not “Blue Sky” or theoretical in nature.

That’s my short introduction to STORH—a single investment vehicle designed to be market resilient, created to offer you a unique opportunity to invest in resources to power the world, backed by tokenization on the blockchain to enable liquidity. If you’re intrigued, you’re just the kind of investor we’re seeking.

Welcome to our vision for the future.


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