Learn more about who we are and what we're doing for the environment and your investments.

Where Can I Find More Information About STORH?

For general information, check out our website or reach out to us at You can also find more detailed information about STORH, and our business strategy in our whitepaper. Also, please follow out Telegram Channel at

Why is Your Team the Best for this Job?

Our team has well over a hundred combined years in the energy sector. Founder Ryan Messer served as Executive Director and COO of a publicly-listed energy company for over ten years and co-founded Sterling Energy Ltd, specializing in upstream oil and gas procurement and development. Additionally, founder Randall Eddington has spent the last ten years buying, marketing and blending crude oil and working with several oil producers and end-users in the industry.

How Are You Planning to Spend the Funds That You Raise?

Energy markets are a capital-intensive industry. Therefore, we will be spending the majority of the funds we raise on acquiring assets such as oil/natural gas fields, midstream infrastructure, Plastic-to-Liquids project, among other energy opportunities. We also plan to spend the necessary minor amounts on normal operation expenditures like legal fees, marketing, and office space.

What's Stopping You from Running off With My Investment?

Aside from basic ethical standards that we pride ourselves in adhering to, STORH is a transparent company with an accomplished management team of Professionals whom follow strict corporate governance requirements and policies to assure this cannot and will not happen.

What is the Expected ROI and When Am I Projected to Start Seeing Returns?

We can’t make any guarantees on the return on your investment. Raccoon Bend was acquired at an approximate Internal Rate of Return of 20%. Update: One year after our acquisition, the cash flow returned an estimated 20% on the asset. Currently, the cash flow is paying down the existing bank note to further reduce dilution for the shareholders.

What Happens if STORH/Ethereum Gets Hacked?

Given that the true value of the STORH Token is the value of the assets which underpin it's value, if the Treasury Wallets of STORH are hacked, STORH can abandon the hacked STORH Token and re-issue a valid STORH Token for all of the Token holders.

Do I Receive Any Revenue/Profit Sharing With My Investment?

Yes. You will receive quarterly distributions from the net revenues of the company based on the number of STORH tokens you hold. The first distribution is anticipated to be made in 2020.

Does Owning STORH Give Me Voting Rights Into the Future Direction of the Company?

Yes, there may be certain matters that arise from time to time which will be up for vote by the token holders.

What Risks Are Involved With This Investment?

As with any investment, we can’t guarantee a return on your investment. Although we believe that STORH will be successful, there are some risks you should be aware of. General economic conditions, an illiquid securities market, a downturn in the energy, and the failure for the company to achieve our objectives all pose a risk to your investment. However, we’re doing everything in our power with our established strategy to mitigate these risks as best as we can. An example of that is our acquisition of assets which are relatively low risk, such as Raccoon Bend.

How Can We Hold You Accountable After the ETO?

STORH equity tokens are securities. Therefore, we must comply with the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations of each jurisdiction where STORH is available.

Why Invest in Energy Markets?

Whether it's sustainable power or traditional fossil fuels, energy markets play a critical (and growing) role in every aspect of day-to-day life. The sheer growth and fragmentation of the different energy markets have opened up several opportunities for smaller, quick moving companies to capitalize on more short-term ROIs that aren’t possible for the large energy behemoths.

How Does STORH Use Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)?

STORH asset-backed tokens are created and secured on the Ethereum blockchain. Doing so provides you with multiple benefits including fractional ownership, high liquidity, rapid settlement, and the ability to trade your tokens 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What Separates STORH From Other Energy Investment Opportunities?

STORH is one of the first energy companies to leverage distributed ledger technology, giving you an improved overall investment experience. We’re focusing on a diverse cross-section of energy investments in order to minimize your risk while still maintaining a respectable potential return on investment. Unlike many traditional energy companies, we’ve created and strictly adhere to a social and environmental policy that ensures a more sustainable future for this planet.

Where is STORH Located?

STORH is a Cayman Islands domiciled company falling under Cayman Island Monetary Regulatory Authority. The asset holding companies are currently US companies.

What is STORH?

STORH, short for Sustainable Technology & Resource Holdings, is an equities platform for the natural resource and technology industries. We provide tokens that are backed by carefully calculated investments in both traditional and progressive energy and mineral resource ventures.