May 27, 2020

Due Diligence Sheet

Hello everyone, We hope this finds you well.  From time to time we get questions about due diligence items and disclosing information about the companies involved with STORH.  As we have stated from the beginning, we are completely transparent about who and what we are.  We have created a simple DD sheet which outlines some of the most common questions we get.  This is very basic information but information you should ask from any company you are engaged with.  Please find the attached document for your review and if there is more information you need, please let us know.  Thank you for putting your trust in us!

STORH – Sustainable Technology & Resource Holdings

Due Diligence Sheet ‐ STORH

Equity Token Issuer:


Cayman Islands


Asset Holding Company – US Based:

SourceRock Energy Partners Ltd

Texas Corporation File Number: 803261813

4265 San Felipe Street Suite 1100

Houston TX 77007

Subsidiary Holding Company for Raccoon Bend

SourceRock Energy Production LLC

Texas Limited Liability Company File Number: 803291989

4265 San Felipe Street Suite 1100

Houston TX 77007

Raccoon Bend Partial Assignment, Conveyance and Bill of Sale Recording Information

Recorded in Austin and Waller Counties

Waller County Instrument # 1906700 20 Pages

Austin County Instrument # 193541 20 Pages

US Commercial legal Counsel

Walne Law, PLLC

Tracy Walne

4900 Woodway Dr Suite 975

Houston, TX 77056

Securities Lawyer

ICO Law Group

Mike Miglio

2925 Richmond Ave. Suite 1200

Houston, TX 77098

US CPA – Accountant

Schmuck, Smith, Tees & Company PC

John Smith

3500 Washington Ave Suite 200

Houston TX 77007