January 8, 2020

STORH Divests of Interest in Mississippi

As of Dec 31st 2019 STORH has elected sell its interest in the Mississippi production (Crosby Wells) it bought in early 2019 as a result of an unsolicited offer to buy.  STORH decided to sell the interest given the 15% premium it received at closing vs what the interest was originally acquired for.  These sale proceeds are on top of the net revenue from production that was received since April of last year. Our objective here was to take advantage of an immediate opportunity to bring cash into the company for ongoing development in our flagship asset, Raccoon Bend, which for STORH is much more strategic. STORH's management is focused on continuing to add value and take advantage of market opportunities as they are presented, with the main focus being on the execution of our Plastics-to-Fuel and its integrated supply chain initiative.