August 1, 2019

STORH Equity Platform Acquires Texas-Based Raccoon Bend Oil Field

Summary —
STORH equity and commodities platform uses distributed ledger technology to provide investment opportunities in the energy and natural resource sectors. The company has now added Raccoon Bend Field to its portfolio of high potential projects.

(Houston TX / 1st Aug 2019) – Having first announced the transaction on April 19, 2019, Sustainable Technology & Resource Holdings (STORH) U.S. based Parent Corporation SourceRock Energy Partners, Ltd. has now officially closed the acquisition on their Texas Asset: The Raccoon Bend Field in Austin and Waller Counties, Texas. Prior to official closing, the property was secured under an LOI, pending due diligence and the unwinding of an unrelated partnership.

STORH is excited to announce that they will now own 4% minimum, and up to 12% of the field for their investors. STORH secured a loan from a US based lending institution for the balance of the proceeds, which will become due in July of 2020. Producing approx. 800 barrels of oil per day along with associated natural gas, the Raccoon Bend Field has proven reserves of over 3 million barrels, 3P Reserves (Proven, Probable and Possible) of between 4.2- 4.5 million barrels and 25+ years of productive life. The field produces from more than 30 different intervals and is under constant development where reserves are continuously added.  

This presents itself as a milestone acquisition for STORH, adding immense value to their arsenal and setting them apart from a majority of their competitors.

“It was our goal to position the company where it was cash-flow positive from the onset, and this asset not only provides significant cash-flow for STORH but also fulfills the Foundation segment of our diversification strategy,” said Ryan Messer, STORH’s CEO, in an official press statement, he further added “I have been looking for an entry point into this particular field for almost 7 years now and thanks to industry relationships and some patience, we have executed this plan for the benefit of our stakeholders.”

STORH is a resource holding company with a mission of giving back. By leveraging technology and adapting to sustainability, the company aims to do better for the environment and the communities it serves. Using distributed ledger technology as a shareholding mechanism for equity ownership, the company is able to offer a bevy of profitable liquidity options to its stakeholders.