April 14, 2020

Strategic Collaboration Between STORH & Ocean Cleaner Technology

The Management of STORH is pleased to announce the recent execution of Collaboration Agreement between STORH and Ocean Cleaner Technology.  The intention of the collaboration between the companies is to highlight the individual accomplishments, mission and vision, in order to align and target common objectives, identify synergies and build together a broader awareness of our ambition to bring to the market concrete solutions for a more sustainable environment and profitable circular economy.

The combination of STORH’s recycling technology and Ocean Cleaner’s efficient waste collection technology in water environments is a powerful solution for today’s plastic polluted areas.

The eminent launch for funding to construct STORH’s first State-of-Art recycling processing plant for PtL, Plastic to Liquid, and other feedstock for the chemical industry, as well as, R+D+I efforts for blending and upgrading oils and fuels for an enhanced integrated supply chain business model, is a decisive approach for high value and sustainable products which has already proven to be appealing, demanded and profitable to the market.

Ocean Cleaner’s multitask work and collection vessels, with its patented processing technology, is a scalable solution for, ongoing or response and emergency actions, cleaning the planet’s water systems of plastics, microfibers and other floating marine litter. The operation techniques also allow it to operate with natural and invasive blooms of micro-macro algae.

The different storage systems and organization for a flexible, yet practical, transit to the processing facilities hearten the social collaboration and cooperation of interest groups or individuals with social awareness commitment.

The combination of the companies’ ambition to make accessible to the market with detailed solutions will for organizations like “The Alliance to end Plastic Waste”, heavily founded by the world’s biggest companies, the oil industry and other big polluters, as well as, Governments and local Authorities, find interest for its innovation and being a profitable economic procedure to assure a real circular business model, which all concerning parties are looking for.

The Agreement is also meant to pinpoint activities which will promote each company in the others’ local market, as well as, to see if there are available subsidies where joining together will add value to the application process and strategic advantage. Therefore, the idea of a company STORH “Europe” in near future can be key for the EU calls from Brussels regarding our area of interest within “The Circular Economy and the Plastics Strategy” for all European countries.  

STORH is a resource holding company with a mission to give something back. By leveraging technology and adapting to a sustainability-based business model, the company aims to create a viable future for the environment and the communities it serves.